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Skin care with mountain plants

Best of Pure Altitude Cracker

  • Best of Pure Altitude Cracker
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Best of Pure Altitude cracker 

For a perfect Christmas table, fall for our Pure Altitude crackers and let your guests discover the care of mountain plants and our 3 lines: Face, Body and Ambience.


For a perfect Christmas table 

Mini Lait des Alpages, 30ml

It is sytematically used in our spas to start off the treatment. It cleanses, softens and moisturizes your skin. It has a velvety melt-on-the-skin texture with sweet notes of Bran and Honey. (30 ml)

>> I discover Lait des Alpages

Mini Velours de Neige body lotion (Limited Edition "Secrets de Slalomeuse"), 30ml

This limited edition firming and moisturising lotion is formulated with mountain plants and minerals and makes skin feel instantly cool and comfortable. The result: gorgeous legs for slaloming in style ! (30 ml)

>> I discover Velours de Neige body lotion

Mini Fleurs de Neige Eau de maison

When the snow disappears from our alpine pastures, enjoy the olfactory wealth offered by mountain flowers. Wild narcissus, cyclamen and broom awaken in the mild springtime weather, mixed with the freshness bouquet of aromatic mountain herbs :  wild thyme, rosemary, mint and artemisia... A breath of fresh air which blooms amid the comforting smell of freshly cut hay.

>> I discover Fleurs de Neige Eau de Maison


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