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What is a serum?

Packed with active ingredients, a serum targets specific skin needs, fine-tuning your skincare routine. It also offers the ideal solution when skin is "running out of steam" following a period of intense fatigue or when the seasons change. The serum is chosen based on your skin's needs... Serums generally have a light texture allowing them to penetrate more deeply and deal with specific concerns: wrinkles, hydration, firmness, radiance.

Serums put effectiveness first, delivering quick, visible results.

However, because their texture is optimized to penetrate through the layers of the epidermis, skin lacks comfort if they are used alone. The serum is not a day cream and does not replace it. This is why we recommend the following duo:

 serum + cream

a duo that works in synergy to improve skin. Serums are chosen based on your skin's needs.


The Pure Altitude's range  allows you to target your desired results:



How should you use your serum?

Select your serum based on your skin's needs and use it over a 3-week or 1-month period as an intensive treatment. Apply a small amount to clean skin on the face and neck. Gently tap the skin with your finger tips so the serum penetrates. Then apply your usual moisturising cream.

The serum is the ideal solution when skin is "running out of steam" following a period of intense fatigue or stress. It can also be used as a 4-week intensive treatment when the season changes or in preparation for a special event (wedding, party, etc.)

For younger skin, a night-time application is sufficient to ensure your complexion is glowing in the morning!

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