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Skin care with mountain plants

Pure Découverte Gift Box

  • Pure Découverte Gift Box
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Best of Pure Altitude ! 

Give you fresh, youthful and radiant skin! Eau d'Herbes for refreshing and toning, the Rosalpina Youth Mask to restore youthfulness and vitality to tired skin, and the Eye Contour Care Sève de Vie, a light cream specially formulated to respond to the signs of aging.

The 3 ranges Pure Altitude face meets in one gift box for maximum efficiency!

The Eau d'Herbes à la Mélisse et à la Menthe, the gift box and the sticker are offered !


The best way to discover Pure Altitude 

The gift box includes:

Rosalpina Youth Mask

Resulting from the anti-oxidant properties of a cocktail of alpine plants (edelweiss, impertoria, buddleja and artemisia), the first mask of the LiftAlpes range enriched with Alpine Rose, a typical alpine plant limiting the effects of photo-aging, restores youth and vitality with tired skin. Its balm texture envelops the skin for an extreme cocooning effect, the skin is visibly smoother and younger while revealing a luminous complexion.

Soin Contour des Yeux Sève de Vie

A light cream that penetrates quickly, specially formulated to respond to signs of aging. Wrinkles, fine lines, puffiness and dark circles are visibly dimmed. The fragile epidermis around the eyes is repaired.

Eau d'Herbes à la Mélisse et à la Menthe

This invigorating, invigorating and energizing tonic lotion is like the living water of mountain waterfalls. Its fresh and original scent is an invitation to a good mood.

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