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Skin care with mountain plants

Cracker Simply the Best

  • Cracker Simply the Best
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Gourmet Beauty Cracker 

A gift idea for all occasions, one sure to please all those ladies in search of simplicity during the end-of-year period. A mini Velours de Neige body lotion, a mini Crème Edelweiss n°1 and a mini Lait des Alpages - natural beauty goes with you everywhere !

The Pure Altitude Simply the Best Cracker contains :

Mini Velours de Neige body lotion (Limited Edition)

This limited edition firming and moisturising lotion is formulated with mountain plants and minerals and makes skin feel instantly cool and comfortable. The result: gorgeous legs for slaloming in style ! (30 ml)

>> I discover Velours de Neige body lotion

Mini Edelweiss N1 Cream

All the richness of its active ingredients is expressed through the exceptional comfort your feel by applying this cream. It is a complete cream to get you through the day. The protective and moisturising active ingredients in the Creme Edelweiss n°1 help your skin to recover its supleness and softness. It prevents dryness and loss of elasticity and protects skin against harmful external elements (20 ml).

>> I discover Edelweiss N1 cream

Mini Lait des Alpages

It is sytematically used in our spas to start off the treatment. It cleanses, softens and moisturizes your skin. It has a velvety melt-on-the-skin texture with sweet notes of Bran and Honey. (30 ml)

>> I discover Lait des Alpages

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