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Skin care with mountain plants
Ligne Fondamentale

Crème Nutrialpes

  • Crème Nutrialpes
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Ultra-Nourishing cream

Very remineralizing, softening, moisturizing and highly effective in the fight against radicals and exogenous agents responsible for ageing. Its rich and creamy texture concentrated in active principles makes it a veritable food for your skin, visibly reducing the first wrinkles. Thanks to Epica, a vegetal  complex combining the properties of pine bark and black currant leaves, wrinkles are significantly attenuated, loosing up  to 55% in deepness* (tests performed in vitro on Epica)

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50 ml Tinted Glass Jar


For all types of Mature, very dry, devitalised skin


Morning and evening  or as a Night Cream:
Apply to your face and neck


Nourishes, repairs, regenerates
Prevents the sensations of tightness experienced with dry and mature skin
To restore vitality and radiance


Rich and creamy lotion



Line : Ligne Fondamentale

Key ingredients

Edelweiss: antioxidant
Complex of Vegetable Extracts and Amino Acids: moisturising*
Ginseng: anti-ageing
Dandelion: regenerating
Horsetail: firming
Arnica, Milk Thistle: decongestant, anti-redness
Burnet, Gentian: toning
Grape Seed Oil, Shea Butter, Vitamin E: protective, anti-dryness, anti-free radical, regenerating

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